Micronnect offers consulting. Production processes and equipment selection determine the quality of the products, the production cost, and the sensitivity to disturbances. Those criteria all rely on various aspects of different nature:
· Understanding what the equipment does; see our machine instructions.
· State of the equipment; see our service options.
· Understanding the technological processes for which the equipment is
  made for (welding, soldering, cleaning; etc.)
· The integration of the equipment in the production chain.
· Rules of thumb, which may give new ideas.
· Conditions for the equipment, the tools and the used material.
· Process optimization.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, or for consulting sessions. Most consulting via e-mail and telephone is free of charge.

Besides consulting on specific themes, we offer a wire bonding course to gain generic knowledge. All course material is English; the spoken language can be: Dutch, English, French and German. The wire bonding course can be defined according your needs: welding technologies, machine characteristics, relevant physical process, bond qualification, process windows, tool and wire selection, and machine instruction.

How to shape the wire loop with the tool tip motion.

How to optimize the ultrasonic behaviour.

How to better monitor quality drift of batch-to-batch
deliveries of supplied material than mechanical
tests on bonds made with a qualified set of
parameter settings.

How to create a neat scribing line if the die is covered
with a metal film.