Micronnect takes bond testing to a new level with the bond-tester from XYZTEC Condor Sigma.

The Condor Sigma is an advanced bond-tester. The combination of various test modes in one hardware setup offers operators to focus on the test procedures, instead of on the test hardware. Choose a XYZTEC bond-tester if you wish: high 0.075% accuracy; best ergonomics; highest throughput; maximum flexibility and the lowest cost of ownership.

In summary:
· Multifunctional tester with a maximum of six sensors in one test head.
· Manual mode: different test modes can be run without any hardware change.
  This is real ease of use.
· Optional automatic mode: different test modes run without any additional human
  interaction after one alignment. This largely speeds up automatic testing.
· Large axis travel; X over 370 mm; Y and Z over 168 mm.
· Maximum sensor forces from 1 N (for fine wire) to 2000 N (to test large bonded dice).
· Software updates are free of charge.
Condor Sigma