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Micronnect is distributor of electronic packaging products in Europe. We sell products from DeWeyl, JFP Microtechnic, Coorstek-Gaiser, Coining, SPT, and West·Bond.
Additionally we offer you consulting and equipment service, based on some 20 years of experience in electronic packaging.

We deliver:
· Equipment for die and wire bonding, bond testing, flipchip bonding.
· Tools for wire bonding: wedge tools, deep-access tools, capillaries.
· Tools for die bonding.
· Welding electrodes for parallel-gap welding.
· Bonding wire and ribbon: gold, aluminum, copper, platinum, silver.
· Stampings such as solder pre-forms, heat sinks, bond pads.

We provide:
· Courses: bond qualification, design of experiments, theory.
· Equipment instructions.
· Equipment service.

Micronnect helps you to make your products yourself.

Feel free to call, e-mail us, or fill-in the reply form for any additional information.