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About us

Micronnect was established in 1991 by its founder, Gert Schuller, who brought his expertise from Philips. Gert pioneered advancements in gold wire ball bonding and introduced a novel process for ball bonding aluminum wire.

In 1999, Micronnect entered into a partnership with Weld-Equip (Unitek Eapro) to provide wire bonding equipment services across Europe. By 2004, Micronnect had taken over all activities from Unitek Eapro, including the distribution and service of West.Bond products.

In 2007, Micronnect initiated a collaboration with Netronics in Geldrop, which eventually became Micronnect’s wire bonding laboratory. In 2014, Micronnect expanded its reach by acquiring the Scandinavian distribution and service responsibilities for West.Bond products from Micro Joining.

By 2020, Frits Hulshof assumed ownership and directorship of Micronnect, overseeing all operations. Today, Micronnect stands as a premier service and distribution company for die- and wire-bonding products in Europe. They cater to a diverse clientele, including companies, research institutes, and universities, serving a total of 150 organizations across 21 countries.

Our Team

Yanick Hulshof
Engineer wirebonding
Gert Schuller
Senior Engineer — technical advice
Britta Cats-Hulshof
Office Manager
Otto Nienhuis
Senior Engineer

Our Values


We maintain consistent and ethical standards to earn and retain the trust of our customers.


We invest in continuous professional development and aim for excellence in our fields to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Customer centricity

We prioritize the needs of our customers and strive to proactively provide solutions that align with their expectations.

Promises Kept

We adhere to our commitments and aim to exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering what we promise.


We embrace a culture of continuous improvement and seek innovative solutions to increase customer satisfaction and take a leading role in our industry.