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Force gauge

Efficient Measurement of Small Mechanical Forces: opt for the CORREX Tension Gauge—a quick, straightforward, and precise measurement tool designed for gauging small mechanical forces with ease. To utilize this versatile gauge, simply position the feeler tip to elevate the spring or pressure element from its stop or to attain the desired measurement position.

The Correx Tension Gauge simplifies the measurement process, providing bidirectional capability and retaining the maximum force applied for subsequent readings. Elevate your precision and simplify your measurements with the Correx Force Gauge—a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

Force gauge to measure forces, reading in gf and cN. 
Round feeler tip and with maximum indicator.

Ranges provided:

Centinewtons (cN) Grams of Force (Gf)
1.5 15 gf
3 30 gf
5 50 gf
10 100 gf
25 250 gf
50 500 gf
100 1,000 gf
200 2,000 gf
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