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Automatic ball wire bonder (custom made)

The Kaijo-Shibuya FB-e20N stands as a cutting-edge, fully automatic high-speed ball wire bonder. Specifically crafted to address diverse wire bonding needs across applications, including discrete components, LEDs small component packages, it accommodates gold, copper, or argentum alloy wire.

Key Features:
• Bonding Area: Spans 56 mm × 80 mm, catering to various bonding requirements.
• High Versatility: Optional versions available for vertical LEDs, segment diodes, or reel-to-reel procedures, ensuring adaptability.
• Advanced Servo and Enhanced Design: Higher stiffness on both the X and Y axes, contributing to improved precision.
• Higher Net Productivity with Highest Yield: Optimized for efficiency and maximum yield.
• α Eyes: Kaijo’s enhanced recognition algorithm to prevent misalignment, ensuring accurate bonding.
• Step Bond Sequence: Visualized fine process control for superior bonding results, particularly on small packages.
• Dual-Frequency Transducer: Allows the selection of two frequencies per bond, enhancing flexibility.
• Real-Time Monitoring: Monitors wire deformation, transducer frequency spark current in real time for quality assurance.
• SECS/GEM Interface: Enables seamless communication and integration with manufacturing systems.
• Barcode Reader: Optional integration for efficient identification and tracking.
• Automatic Capillary Cleaning: Streamlines maintenance by automating the cleaning process.
• Automatic Threading: Facilitates automatic threading of the wire into a capillary, enhancing operational efficiency.

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