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Manual epoxy die bonder 7200CR

Manual one-hand-operation machine for epoxy die bonding on all places where chips need to be placed, with the least programming effort. The enlarged throat allows die bond on products of 125mm.

• Manual die bonder.
• Epoxy die bonding.
• Throat length limits to product area of about 125 mm x 125 mm.
• Standard fixed platform.
• Optional height-adjustable platform 279 mm x 279 mm.
• Optional height-adjustable platform with co-planarity control.
• No parallax error front/back and left/right by micromanipulator control.
• Dual head; one dispensing one die pick and place.
• Pick-up tool die rotation.

The fully programmable Microprocessor Controlled dispensing of epoxy guarantees precision in dot size. Within the epoxy dispense head, there is a 1cc reservoir for epoxy a variety of dispense needles are available to accommodate diverse applications. The dispense elevation is programmable. Following the dispense sequence, the machine automatically prompts the vacuum pickup tool when the tool head assembly is raised to a programmed elevation from the work. The machine is configurable to allow operator input, toggling between the epoxy dispense head and the vacuum pickup tool for pick-and-place operations.

The vacuum pickup tool features a flat-faced Delrin tip with a vacuum through hole, capable of handling a wide range of die sizes with a single tool. Dies selected from nearly any carrier media can be manipulated and rotated (360º) into position. Vacuum activation or deactivation can be achieved either upon contact with the die surface or through operator control at any elevation.