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Manual eutectic die bonder 7316C (7300C series)

Single head manual one-hand-operation machine for eutectic die bonding with ultrasonic scrubbing. The enlarged throat allows die bonding on products of 125mm.

• Manual die bonder.
• Eutectic die bonding.
• Single head for die pick and place.
• Throat length of 125 mm limits to product area of about 125 mm x 125 mm.
• Standard fixed platform.
• Optional height-adjustable platform 279 mm x 279 mm.
• Optional height-adjustable platform with co-planarity control.
• No parallax error front/back and left/right by micromanipulator control.
• Optional shielding gas control.
• Programmable scrubbing with final position left, right, or center of scrubbing motion.
• Radiant tool heater.

The West Bond 7300C Series specializes in the pickup and placement of chips for manual die attachment through mechanical or ultrasonic scrubbing, utilizing the eutectic method. All operations are distinctive three-axis micromanipulator under microprocessor control. The work piece is securely positioned on a heated work holder, with chips systematically arranged for seamless pickup.

In the case of the 7316C, a single collet serves for vacuum die pickup, placement ultrasonic or mechanical scrubbing. The microprocessor exerts control over ultrasonic power, time, length, number of cycles, direction velocity of scrub strokes, ensuring precision and replicable die placement. Programming these parameters is effortlessly carried out at the machine panel, with options varying based on the chosen model. Standard features include radiant tool heat with temperature control for enhanced functionality.