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Microscope SZ51-60

The SZ51 microscope delivers exceptional image quality, featuring remarkable depth of field, clarity, intricate details, and true-to-life colors, all while incorporating built-in ESD protection. The reliability and high-performance optics of these microscopes play a central role in ensuring consistently accurate results. Their compact design is not only compatible with high optical performance but also integrates seamlessly into various setups.

Employing the Greenough optical system, the SZ51 microscope boast zoom ratios of 5:1 and 6.7:1, offering a zoom range of 0.8x-4x and 0.67x-4.5x, respectively. Despite their affordable pricing, they deliver the highest resolving power in their price range.

The Greenough optical design incorporated in all zoom bodies features state-of-the-art, aberration-free optics that set a new standard in optical quality while ensuring superior operability. The V-shaped optical path results in a slim zoom body, making it ideal for integration into other equipment or standalone use.

For 3-dimensional viewing, the optimum inward angle provides an ideal balance of high flatness and depth of focus. This design allows for the rapid inspection of specimens with significant depth, bringing them into focus from top to bottom. Observation images produced by the SZ51 microscope exhibit high color fidelity, thanks to superior optical coatings that render true-color images with fine detail.

Additionally, this microscope feature ESD measures to protect devices from static electricity. The main unit and major accessories are constructed using antistatic materials and coatings, swiftly eliminating static electricity and preventing potential electrostatic damage to specimens under observation.

• Stereo zoom microscope with 5x zoom.
• High quality optics combined with largest free space above the bond area.
• Excellent image flatness and deep depth of focus.
• High clarity.
• Excellent detail and accurate color.
• Working distance is 110mm.
• Ocular view angle 45°relative to objective.
• Comfort view 15x eyepieces.
• Interpupillary distance adjustment from 52mm to 76mm.
• Magnification From 12x to 60x with eyepieces 15x.
• Zoom body ESD-safe.