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Multi-functional bond tester

Micronnect takes bond testing to a new level with the bond-tester from XYZTEC Condor Sigma. The Condor Sigma is an advanced bond-tester. The combination of various test modes in one hardware setup offers operators to focus on the test procedures, instead of on the test hardware. Choose a XYZTEC bond-tester with high 0.075% accuracy; best ergonomics; highest throughput; maximum flexibility and the lowest cost of ownership.

• Multifunctional tester with a maximum of six sensors in one test head.

• Manual mode: different test modes can be run without any hardware change. This is real ease of use.

• Optional automatic mode: different test modes run without any additional human interaction after one alignment. This largely speeds up automatic testing.

• Large axis travel; X over 370 mm; Y and Z over 168 mm.

• Maximum sensor forces from 1 N (for fine wire) to 2000 N (to test large bonded dice).


Fully motorized multifunctional stage for pull and shear applications with quick release clamp for work holder and quick-release of bond head and (6) sensors.

Program Control of the software is programmable per user accessible and authorized by passwords. The software offers to operate the machine manually or automatically and storage of the  measurements and via network communicable; present results in pre-defined, or user-defined graph’s to structure all data in terms of the user-organization. The presentation on the display is user friendly. Joystick for manual control of the stepper motors, alphanumeric keyboard for the inputs. Manual alignment via right and left hand joystick motor control. Automatic alignment via programmed product parameters manual alignment of the alignment points. Many chips can be programmed for each product. One alignment serves all available test methods in one test head without any additional human intervention, such as wire pull, ball shear, die shear and tweezers.

Programmed test procedures can run with 700-1300 tests/hr within one test mode. Change to other mode limits to automatic rotation of the (six position) test head only to a next sensor for a next test mode.