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Manual wedge and deep access bonder 7476E

Manual one-hand-operation machine for angled-feed and deep access bonding wire and ribbon. The gantry style allows bonding large products; the purely vertical motion of the bond head allows equal-quality-bonding on all bond pad elevations.

• Manual wire bonder for wedge- and deep access bonding.
• Gantry style base allows for largest products with smallest footprint.
• All active parts in the top part of the machine.
• Standard height-adjustable platform 279 mm x 279 mm.
• Optional large-area height-adjustable platform 500 mm x 500 mm.
• No parallax error front/back and left/right by micromanipulator control.
• Pure vertical Z-motion allows bonding a product with large difference in bond pad elevation.
• Top part can be supplied separately to hang machine over any odd sized product.
• Eye/hand coordination allows interaction for the bonding process and for complex wire loops.
• Small diameter spool very close to the bond tool for excellent de-spooling.
• Optional motorized de-spooler for using ½-Inch and 2-Inch spools.
• Radiant tool heater.

CONVERTIBILITY: West Bond pioneers convertibility for various bonding methods. Through a simple exchange of wire clamp assemblies, included with specified models, the system seamlessly transitions between 45-degree deep access 90-degree wire or ribbon feed. All programmed bond variables and machine settings for each tool head are securely stored in memory and automatically retrieved upon conversion.

PROGRAMMING: Programming capabilities for thirty different device types are integral, allowing entry into separate buffers. Each device wire can feature up to 21 stitch bonds, with individual control over ultrasonic power, time, force and loop elevation data. Program values, action prompts fault diagnostics are sequentially displayed on the LCD during machine operation.

FEATURES: West Bond’s features encompass programmable dual force, pure vertical Z, pneumatic braking of all axes during bonding radiant tool heat.

GANTRY MODEL: Achieve unlimited deep reach access to remote bond targets on large packages with revolutionary throatless chassis and micromanipulator designs. All machine components, circuitry enclosures are strategically positioned above the horizontal bond plane, eliminating restrictions based on package size or shape. Manual “E” Series models are accessible for microwave, semiconductor, R.F. hybrid production.