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Equipment maintenance and service

Regular equipment maintenance and service are vital for optimal performance, cost savings, and safety. Proactive upkeep minimizes downtime, identifies issues early, and extends machinery lifespan, ensuring a reliable and efficient operation. Prioritizing maintenance aligns with reliability-centered principles, offering a solid return on investment for organizations relying on machinery.

Micronnect wishes to maintain the quality of equipment after delivery, in collaboration with you. This requires regular preventive maintenance, and possibly rare corrective maintenance. All maintenance is always on top of our standard (free-of-charge) support by telephone and e-mail. Micronnect recommends to maintain your equipment one time every 2-3 years, when the machines are used regularly or used by many operators.

Activities are including as following:
• Control of the proper functioning of the machine and discuss any problem.
• Calibration of each machine.
• Repair of all defects that do not require new replacement parts.
• A specific order is necessary if repair requires new parts.

Including maintenance reports of all activities.