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Manual wedge and deep access bonder 7476D

Basic manual one-hand-operation wedge- and deep access bonding for angled-feed and deep-access bonding wire and ribbon. The increased throat length allows for maximum products of 125mm. The standard feed wire clamp assures unmatched accuracy.

Manual wire bonder for wedge- and deep access bonding.
• Throat length of 125 mm limits to product area of about 125 mm x 125 mm.
• Standard fixed platform.
• Optional height-adjustable platform 279 mm x 279 mm.
• No parallax error front/back and left/right by micromanipulator control.
• Eye/hand coordination allows interaction for the bonding process and for complex wire loops.
• Small diameter spool very close to the bond tool for excellent de-spooling.
• Standard radiant tool heater.

CONVENTIONAL: West Bond’s Model 7476D wedge-wedge wire bonders feature a the 45 and 90 degree wire feed and a distinctive clamp design, offering unparalleled precision and control for creating the smallest, most accurate loop formations. The patented single lever X-Y-Z micromanipulator enable the effortless attainment of consistent and repeatable profiles.

CONVERTIBILITY: West Bond pioneers convertibility for a variety of bonding methods. With a straightforward exchange of wire clamp assemblies, included in this model, the machine seamlessly transitions between 45-degree deep access 90-degree wire feed for wires or ribbon. All programmed bond variables and machine settings for each tool head are securely stored in memory and automatically retrieved upon conversion.

PROGRAMMING: West Bond’s programming capabilities cater to three different device types, allowing entry into separate buffers. Each device wire can incorporate up to 21 stitch bonds with individual control over ultrasonic power, time, force and loop elevation data. Program values, action prompts fault diagnostics are displayed sequentially on the easy-to-read LCD during machine operation.