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Semi-automatic ball-, wedge- and deep wire bonder 4KE

Semi-automatic wire bonder for wedge-, deep access- and ball bonding. The gantry-style frame allows bonding largest products. Machine bonds wire diameters 12.7μm. to 76μm. wire and ribbon cross-sections 6.35μm. x 38μm. to 25μm. x 250μm.
• Semi-automatic bonder for wedge-, deep access- ball bonding.
• Gantry-style base allows large products.
• Standard height-adjustable platform 279 mm x 279 mm.
• Optional large-area height-adjustable platform 500 mm x 500 mm.
• No parallax errors front/back and left/right by vertical alignment camera.
• Pure vertical Z-motion allows bonding a product with large difference in bond pad elevation.
• All active parts at the top of the machine.
• Eye/hand coordination for the X- and Y-motions; loop motion in Y- and Z-direction is automatic.
• Small diameter spool very close to the bond tool for excellent de-spooling.
• Optional motorized de-spooler for using ½-Inch and 2-Inch spools.
• Radiant tool heater in standard machine configuration.

AUTOMATIC PRECISION: West Bond brings you automatic precision at a fraction of the cost. Microprocessor-controlled motors drive both the Y and Z axes, enabling the creation of parallel, single, or multiple arched wires with consistent loop and bond shapes. This system proves highly effective for bonding high-power, high-frequency devices, particularly in critical applications such as Microwave, Semiconductor, RF Hybrid products.

UNLIMITED PART SIZE: Experience unlimited part size access to remote bond targets on large packages or modules with throat-less chassis and micromanipulator design. All machine components are strategically positioned above the horizontal bond plane, eliminating any constraints related to package size or shape.

CONVERTIBILITY: West Bond leads the way in convertibility and this version can handle it all: 45° wedge, 90° feed for wire and ribbon, as well as ball bonding.