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Pull tester (PTE)

Manual one-hand-operation pull tester for thin wire allows for fast pull tests with the least programming effort. Automatic output of statistical data to included printer, or to a computer. The gantry style allows for large products.

• Wire pull test machine, all mechanism above work plane, with single lever X-Y-Z.
• Control of hook engagement, axis brakes microprocessor control of pull.
• Motion in the range of 0-100 grams.

Experience unlimited deep reach access to distant bond targets on sizable packages through the throatless chassis and micromanipulator designs. All machine components, circuitry enclosures are strategically positioned above the horizontal work area, eliminating any limitations tied to package size or shape. Manual “E” Series models cater to microwave, semiconductor, R.F. hybrid production needs

This method offers exceptionally convenient means of testing the tensile strength of fine wire bonds. Utilizing a rotatable micro-hook, it allows reaching wires in any quadrant on packages of unlimited size. The testing process, available in either destruct or non-destruct modes, is carried out with motorized, microprocessor-controlled precision across a range of 100 grams.