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Manual tweezers die bonder 7376E

Dual head manual die bonder for epoxy- and eutectic die bonding, with and without preforms. The gantry style allows bonding large products. Standard machine offers a thumb-wheel controlled height-adjustable work platform with co-planarity control.

• Manual tweezers die bonder.
• Gantry style base allows for large products, smallest footprint.
• All active parts in the top part of the machine.
• Standard height-adjustable platform with co-planarity control
• Optional large-area height-adjustable platform 500 mm x 500 mm.
• No parallax error front/back and left/right by micromanipulator control.
• Pure vertical Z-motion allows bonding a product with large difference in bond pad elevation.
• Dual head; one preform pick and place one tweezers for die pick and place.
• Optional shielding gas control.
• Programmable scrubbing with final position left, right, or center of scrubbing motion.

Experience unlimited deep reach access to remote bond targets on large packages with innovative throatless chassis and micromanipulator designs. In this configuration, all machine components, circuitry enclosures are strategically positioned above the horizontal bond plane, eliminating any constraints related to package size or shape. Manual “E” Series models cater to the needs of microwave, semiconductor, R.F. hybrid production, making them equally suitable for repair stations or laboratory applications.

The model 7367E stands out by combining mechanized tweezers for the pick-up, placement scrubbing of the die, along with a rotatable vacuum capillary designed for the pick-up and placement of pre-forms. Pneumatic activation controls the tweezing mechanism, with the clamping force adjustable to extremely low values, ensuring delicate handling of fragile die that might be susceptible to damage through alternative means.